Monday, July 18, 2011

Brisbane & Goldcoast

Last week we had been to Brisbane and Gold Coast for few days. Since moving to Australia in Dec 2010 this has been our first vacation.P had a seminar to attend in Brisbane and I went along with him , thought it would be welcome break for both of us from the cold winter weather of Geelong. P had been busy with seminar but we still managed to do some sightseeing on the last day in Brisbane.

From what I had read about Brisbane I knew it was a big city and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of residential high rise buildings we saw.It immediately reminded us of our stay in Singapore. It was almost like being in Singapore with similar tropical trees and big buildings with nice swimming pools and all. The weather had been nice and warm during the day but come evening it used to get cooler. Anyway we made the most of our stay in Brisbane,visited the Brisbane CBD on Friday evening before heading to Gold coast on Saturday morning.

Gold coast is a mere 1 hr drive from Brisbane so we rented a car and drove down to Gold coast.The moment you enter Gold coast you are taken by the festive holiday atmosphere of the place.You can see palm tree lined streets with tall buildings on one side and the beach on the other side, holiday goers walking down the streets. enjoying the nice warm weather, eating their hearts content and lazing around the beach. Atleast this is what we did.In all it was good break for us from the daily routine.

Other than the sun soaked beaches the next most popular thing in Gold coast are the theme parks.With many theme parks to choose from we decided to visit two of them, as we had just one more day to go. We visited the Sea world and the Movieworld, both were equally good and we got chance to look at some of famous 'Warner Brother' character's like Batman ,the joker.In all it was fun filled 2 days at the Goldcoast and since we liked it so much we are very much looking to visiting it again.

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