Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Australia-Down Under

Settling in a new place can be a really tiring experience especially if one does not have any family or friends around.This has been our 3rd relocation in the last 3.5 years and hopefully the last. We moved to Australia in November end and it has been one wonderful experience.Earlier I had moved from India to USA (where my husband was already staying) and later we moved from USA to Singapore.In both the earlier moves I had family who was already there which made the move easy.But Australia was a whole new territory.Also there was a lot of apprehension about the lifestyle and people after listening to what family and friends had to say, but still we were very much looking forward to our move to Australia and we always tried to keep a positive approach. Well we were right and our move to Australia has been one smooth shift.The people out here are just so helpful one of my husband's colleague offered us her spare car to use in our initial days  before we bought our own car.Then we had another colleague offering us a place to stay in-case we did not manage to get a rental accommodation.I think all these wonderful gestures by my husbands colleagues really helped us in our entire settling down process.
Now is has been almost 4 months in Australia and we are loving every bit of they stay.We moved to Geelong a small town around 70km southwest of Melbourne.It is a town by the bay with nice and vibrant waterfront.There are loads of restaurant along the waterfront where one can enjoy some drinks and a nice meal with friends and family.We have all the necessary things in a 7km radius and plus all big retail shops like Myers, BigW, Target to name a few.There is also a Westfield mall in the city center which has a nice food court and lots of other shops.In short it is a quiet little place just an hour's drive from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne but still has lots to do.

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